Winter has arrived

It is now mid November, and winter has arrived!  Even after living here in Vermont for over 15 years, it always manages to take me by surprise.  The garden season is done, we have our winter squash and garlic tucked away for winter, and now we make the shift to spending most of our time inside.  The crafts come out, board games are played, and our energy shifts from being outside and active in the garden, to being inside, and being creative.     We homeschool our children, so our days are spent mostly at home, doing schoolwork in the mornings, making meals together, thinking of art projects that will spark some color and joy in our house, playing games….and  playing in the snow.

This will be the first year that we are without poultry to care for over the winter, as we had a predator take out all of our hens and ducks.  It is bittersweet, as we loved the fresh eggs, and their funny little poultry personalities.   (But at the same time, it will be a break from changing their water twice a day in the sub zero weather….)

This year I didn’t post as much in the fall about our harvest antics, as the tomatoes got decimated by tomato hornworm in the greenhouse, the potatoes attacked by potato bugs, and for some reason the winter squash did not produce the ridiculous amount of squash as usual.  (not as much pollination perhaps?)   So our winter staples did not do very well, but our summer vegetables really hummed along, we were swimming in green beans, zucchini, & eggplant.  The garlic did really well too!

Anyhow, time to tuck in and get cosy in our house for the winter.   I will try to post more as we get into our routine of homeschooling, crafts, and lots of books and candles and hot cocoa.  Our first  project, to celebrate Autumn, was dipping some beautiful pressed fall leaves in beeswax to preserve them.  We use them for decorations around our candles, they also smell lovely!  (I bought a small saucepan at a thrift store just for this purpose, as it will never come completely off the pan after melting wax in it!)

Our second project was making window stars out of paper to decorate our windows for the holidays.  The are made out of translucent kite paper, and bring in such beautiful color when the sun comes through the windows in the morning, in stark contrast to the  fields of white outside…..I love it.   Here is a link to a tutorial on how to make them.  (I got the kite paper on Amazon.)

Happy Winter, Love, Lisa


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