Garden update, almost August!

Garden update, it is almost August!  This summer seems to be flying by faster than usual.  We are starting to harvest our summer squash and zucchini, peas, beans, and the beginnings of the cherry tomatoes…along with the herbs, and we have harvested the garlic.  (around 900 garlic, that was a lot of garlic….our house smells…well, garlicky)  Below, a picture of the deck, with scarlet runner beans growing up along the back, and cherry tomatoes growing up along the side.

Below, my indigenous to North America beauties, the Hopi Red dye Amaranth, growing along with its sister, the sunflower, with scarlet runner beans just starting to climb up the sunflower.

Below, Solomon’s flower garden, next to our cherry tomato garden….all sungold tomato (my favorite)

Growing peppers in pots this year, to help capture some heat by planting in dark buckets.   They were started in the greenhouse, and then moved outside once it got nice and hot. (And can move back to the greenhouse once it starts to get cold..)

The Zucchini and summer squash bed, below.

Below, the peas!  We are picking peas daily now, though they hardly ever make it to the dinner table….as they get eaten right away.

Below, the eggplant bed.  They are just starting to flower!  With a sunflower right in the middle.  This year, whenever a plant died after transplanting….or when there was a space I didn’t know what to do with, I plunked in a sunflower.  Just for fun.

The kitchen garden, below…

Below, our completely wild field tomatoes, dry beans (mayocoba) and cabbage.  I dont prune the field tomatoes, so they are pretty sprawling and wild…but flowering, and very happy.

The dry bean patch, with some  amaranth growing here and there.   We can also eat these fresh, and then leave some to dry for winter, and for growing next year.  These are an heirloom mayocoba (yellow canary) bean from Mexico.

Below, the cabbage patch, growing in last years chicken yard…..they are pretty happy here.

The three sisters mounds, corn, squash, and sunflower growing together….with a smattering of the fourth sister, Amaranth, here and there.   (I didn’t do the traditional beans with the corn, as harvesting the beans proved difficult last year, in a maze of squash vines….so we are doing something a little different this year!)  There are butternut, Long Island cheese pumpkin, blue hubbard, and Jack o lantern growing in this patch, along with sunflowers, corn, and Amaranth.

The view from the backyard!

The Amaranth patch…

The greenhouse tomatoes, with basil planted in between.  These are all Amish paste tomatoes, pruned to one stem, and trained up on a string.  They are already touching the top of the greenhouse!  There is a giant opportunistic pumpkin growing in here as well, that I didn’t have the heart to kill….so what this turns out to be will be a surprise!

The zucchini, below…

The raspberry patch, below.  This is its first year, so we are really excited to be getting berries already!

The scarlet runner beans (another one of my favorites) climbing all over the deck.  The bees and hummingbirds LOVE  the red flowers, as do I…  We will harvest these after the been pods dry, as a dry bean for winter time.

The first of the sungold tomatoes!

And of course, Solomons flower garden.   He just loves flowers, and comes and checks on them every day!

Below, the garlic harvest…spread out on sheets to dry!

My lil Duncan, helping to make a red currant jam….

I didn’t take pictures of the potato bed  (they are presently being attacked by potato bugs…) But we are hoping there are still potatoes under ground, doing well….we’ll see!  The garden is coming along, the plants are growing, the kids are growing, and summer is flying by!  Too fast if you ask me!     Hope you are all having a great summer!

Love, Lisa

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