Garden update, 4th of July!

The garden season is in full swing, with everything planted (almost)…and the plants finally starting to take off! The greenhouse tomatoes are happy, and growing quickly…I have to clip them up about twice a week now. The container peppers that we started in buckets in the greenhouse are way ahead of the peppers we have in the ground, an experiment this season…to see if the bucket peppers do better than the peppers in the ground.  (the bucket peppers are winning)  see below…

The new raspberries are coming along. thank you Tracy, for the raspberries!

The sun gold cherry tomatoes, growing up alongside of the deck!

The greenhouse tomatoes, growing well, and fast…

The greenhouse, below…..all Amish paste tomatoes, with basil planted in between. And one opportunistic squash plant that I dont have the heart to pull out….we’ll just let it be amongst the tomatoes….

the view of the kitchen garden, the eggplant bed, below…

The gooseberries, not quite ripe!

the blueberries, still green!

Behind the kitchen garden is the field tomatoes, with the horseradish, and all the leftover plant starts we had….pepper, and cabbage, and a few rows of mayocoba bush beans….

Behind the field tomatoes are the potato beds, and the field of winter squash, and 3 sister mounds (corn, beans and squash planted together…with a smattering of sunflower, the 4th sister)  This year we planted mostly butternut squash, with some long island cheese pumpkin, blue hubbard, and a few jack o lantern pumpkins!

The potatoes coming up…

Some of the Kale…

The cabbages, planted in what was the chicken yard last year.  These are looking like some happy cabbages!

Some of the summer squash!  We planted mostly heirloom varieties this year in the kitchen garden, and a separate bed of many colors of pattypan squash in the back field….

The pea and cucumber trellises in the kitchen garden, coming along!

The view of the kitchen garden, from the backyard…..we planted over 900 garlic this year, which means an abundance of garlic scapes, and hopefully tons of garlic later!

Hopi red dye amaranth, one of my favorite plants ever!  It produces an abundance of edible red leaves, and then a nutritious seed/grain….as well as being beautiful.  One of my favorite new world vegetables to plant and grow, along with scarlet runner beans, tomatoes, and squash…  As it grows very tall, it can be a support for climbing beans, and can be grown in a squash patch, as the squash leaves provide good ground cover, and the amaranth grows tall…and can support the climbing beans that are planted below.

The first of the harvest…red currants, and garlic scapes

Happy 4th of July!!!

love, Lisa

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