Home made Laundry powder

After a recent stint without a working washing machine, I decided that instead of braving hours at a laundromat with 4 wiggly children,  I would try the old fashioned way…and wash our laundry in the tub, and hang dry.   It worked.  And although it was kind of fun to channel my sicilian great grandmothers, stomping my feet in the soapy tub like they would have done with grapes,  I am really grateful for the new washer.  (Yay!)

But when washing our clothes by hand, I  realized that I didn’t really want to be touching that Tide stuff, and all its fragrances/chemicals all the time, and because the natural stuff is expensive, I decided to make our own!   Its pretty easy.  A lot cheaper.  And most importantly, it works.  I used the zote laundry soap bars and my own homemade soap bars grated, but you could substitute those for Dr. Bronner bars, or another organic alternative.

Heres my recipe:

Home made laundry powder

6 cups borax

4 cups baking soda

4 cups washing soda

4 cups grated soap

Essential oils of your choice.  (I like a lavender/tea tree blend)

[Add 1/8 cup of this mix to your load of laundry, if washing on warm or hot.  If using a cold water wash, I dissolve it in some boiling water for a few minutes and mix before adding to the wash.]

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