June 1st- (bless this mess) – planting in progress!

Planting in progress….but, almost done!  We still have to get in the potatoes, beets, carrots, onions, and cabbage.  But the rest of the vegetables are in the ground, getting situated, and just about ready to take off.  We pretty much rearrange the garden every year, moving the nightshades to new pasture, finding better spots for various plants, and expanding each year.   This year I am trying a new dry bean, Ayocote Bianco  (a white runner heirloom bean from Mexico), along with a few other heirloom beans….

I have a special fondness for new world vegetables, beans, squashes,  amaranth, tomatoes….potatoes, and some ground cherries too, as well as our ginourmous patch of Jerusalem Artichokes, nasturtiums, and sunflowers.  So they are pretty much taking over the garden.  Which is lovely.

And  because we are not raising meat chickens this year, we can really focus on our vegetables this year!  And are also working on the mini orchard, with 8 new fruit trees…and lots of ground to mulch.

The best time of year here, in my opinion!  And some pictures, but bear with me….this process is messy.  It will look much nicer when everything has ‘popped’, and all those dang hoses and piles of wood mulch are out of the way. Very soon.

below, my lovely giant white runner beans coming up, ayocote bianco, from Rancho gordo..


and more beans, climbing beans growing on straw bales…

peas, just starting to climb…

the salad greens, coming up..

below, the kale bed all planted and mulched. mostly scarlet kale, because, you know…its purple…

the kitchen garden tomatoes, for salads, and eating right away!

the new rhubarb patch, 50 new plants…because who doesnt love rhubarb pie, and rhubarb syrup, and rhubarb preserves, and rhubarb sauce on pork…i could go on and on..

from the backyard, the garden work in progress!

the garlic, nearly 3 feet tall and looking spectacular!

the field tomatoes, all amish paste…for canning for the winter months.

the piles of wood mulch for spreading in the garden and orchard, blocking weeds and building soil.

the watermelon patch, situated to climb on fencing.  Our first real attempt at growing melons, heres to hoping it goes well!

the dry bean climbing trellises, for the ayocote bianco. lots of them.

and the greenhouse, with a mix of various heirloom cherry, medium sized, paste, and slicing tomatoes…with a bit of basil in there, and our greenhouse cucumbers, all set up on string and ready to climb! (and ready for me to tie up and clip back constantly, because from here on out they grow FAST.)   And also where we keep our starts until they are ready for the big world, they love it in here…   Also where we house our chickens in winter, a wonderful multipurpose space.

The winter squash garden, this year, around 60 butternut squash plants…as they keep so well, and for so long, that we can eat them all winter! And the root vegetable garden behind them, for potatoes, carrots, beets, and onion.

The kitchen garden, with all the salad greens, outside cucumber and tomato, kale, pepper, green beans, lovage, peas, perpetual spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, zucchini, and more climbing dry beans….scarlet runner, and ayocote negro, as well as some ground cherries, and dill, parsley, cilantro, arugula, radishes, and kitchen herbs.

Happy gardening everyone!

love, Lisa

One Comment Add yours

  1. Marc Harrington says:

    Looks absolutely fabulous, Lisa! A lot of HARD work went into these beautiful gardens!! Bravo!

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