May 15th – garden in progress, and early canning!

Gardening progress!  We went from winter, straight to summer this year….and though its a bit early (with a few weeks until our last frost date..)  It just seems time to plant!  Below are some pictures of the earliest plants that come up in the spring garden, starting with nettles, below.    Yep, stinging nettles. They make a nutritious cooked green, and also a nice herbal tea….we once had them scattered about the yard, but this spring I transplanted them to one nice bed.  with gloves on.


below, the peas coming up…

and the greenhouse below, ready to plant!

The rhubarb patch…some of which I dug up and divided into a new patch…

The new Rhubarb patch, weed blocked and in the process of being mulched. Over 50 transplants in a nice new bed.  Heres hoping for lots of Rhubarb next year!

Our first ever garlic planting.  Planted last fall.   The scapes they shoot up in the spring, are great for pestos…

One of the new fruit trees for the mini orchard!


The chickens and goose in their new yard, mid vegetable garden….

One of the first plants to come up in spring, lovage…

One of the perennial vegetables, below…caucasian mountain spinach, a vining, edible, green.

And the first canning project of the season, a rhubarb and orange marmalade.  I think we’ll call it Rhu-balade, or Marma-barb….anyhoo, either way.  It turned out great!  My recipe was 15 seedless oranges, chopped (peels and all!), 8 stalks of rhubarb, chopped, and about 8 lbs of sugar….which seems like a lot, but it was just right!  Simmered altogether until it cooked down and began to gel, probably close to 3 hours.  Then canned in a water bath canner for 15 minutes.




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