12 weeks after planting – early August, paradise !!

The garden is our favorite place to be these days, with the exploding bounty of vegetables….the beautiful weather for much playing in the pond and lil pool for the little ones.  Its been a lovely few weeks, cooling off at nights..which seems to keep the broccoli and cauliflower quite happy.  We are eating broccoli every day!  The daily harvest includes much zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, and greens.  With a couple of cherry tomatoes (and i mean a couple, not a good year for tomatoes round these parts…)

Our first round of chicken processing is over,  so we got to sample our first chicken from this season.  It has been the best of our chicken so far!  The fresh air and pasture they get, coupled by their larger space and access to so much green and the spring fed pond = happy and healthy chicken.

Did I mention we love summer around here?  In pictures:

below, they love to help with the harvest…


using our gourds from last year for the building of our fairy house village….

cucumbers finally starting to come in…a bit late this year..

the opportunistic sunflowers that like to pop up everywhere, and i let them.

the kiddos in front of the calloo amaranth, who knew it would get so tall and lovely, adding some nice dimension to our kitchen garden. plus it has highly nutritious greens, and edible seeds!

The first of our corn, so excited!

below, herbs growing on the deck…all around our sitting space..the most wonderful spot for our morning cup of coffee.

A great year for cauliflower, below! The leaves are edible too…I like to dehydrate the broccoli and cauliflower greens for my greens powder, for adding nutrition to homemade pasta or smoothies.

below, the fennel..

a smattering of nasturtium growing everywhere adds some color, edible cheeriness in the garden…and a bit spicy!

The goji berries below, flowering and getting ready to make fruit. The leaves are edible, and high in vitamin C as well!

the view of most of the kitchen garden…

the greenhouse, housing the zucchini, experimental sweet potato patch, and the night sleeping space for the meat chickens…

the view from the backyard/pond area, of one of the potato patches in front…and sprawling milpa garden patch behind (corn, beans, and winter squash)

below, our almost grown duckies enjoying their ponds…

below, the jack o lantern pumpkin patch…growing well

the butternut squash, coming along…

below, the milpa in vermont…corn beans and squash co-habitating nicely. the squash is starting to sprawl and cover all the ground space, and the scarlet runner beans for drying are climbing the corn and blooming a bright red all over the garden.  The wood chips spread on this whole area, over the compost, has done a fantastic job of keeping out the weeds. The corn had a slow start due to torrential rain and mud in the start of the season, but is finally catching up!

below, the view from the cabbage patch.

the eggplant..

below, our happy and giant cauliflower and broccoli!

below, another view of the kitchen garden…

and another..

the cabbage patch.

below, so proud of his 5 pound cauliflower!

below, enjoying some boating on the backyard pond….

these summer days are so wonderful. Fall is coming soon enough, so we are really soaking up all of this wonderful Vermont summer.  This mini farm is really a paradise to us, providing food, health, enjoyment, and so much learning, all at the same time. truly paradise…..

Happy Summer you’all!

Love, Lisa


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  1. Marilyn says:

    I believe that is the happiest place in the world. I am sure all of the hard work is well worth it. Those lucky kids. They are getting an education like no other! Do you do vacation package to your place? LOL Love to all 🙂

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