10 weeks after planting…end of July, 2017

Its officially full on canning season, between the blueberries, the rhubarb, & the chicken stock…the canners seem to be full all of the time.

The garden is at its height, we are eating almost daily broccoli, green beans and peas.  The corn is tasseling, the squash is starting to trail around the garden, and the eggplant and potatoes are getting tall.

The amaranth seems to grow inches every day, my new favorite for both its beauty and usefulness…and i just love the hopi red dye amaranth speckling my garden with its beautiful red/burgundy color.  The milpa garden (corn, beans, squash, sunflower, and sun choke) is doing really well, finally…and we are really looking forward to our first sweet corn, and watching the winter squash take over the whole back garden.

Much of the garden this year, whole patches in fact, are dedicated to new world vegetables and plants….ones native to north america, and often grown together. But they also are pretty late season harvesting (pumpkin, dry beans, winter squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes.. etc…) So although we are harvesting every day, much, if not most of our vegetables will come in much later….and hopefully last us all winter!  in pictures:

below, my new favorite, blueberry rhubarb preserves..

chicken broth cooling after canning…

below, our first ever, over 2 lb. broccoli..

below, the calloo amaranth standing tall next to the tomatoes, and climbing beans and peppers, with the dry black bean patch behind it..

below, the three sisters, corn, beans and squash, growing together peacefully.

our jack o lantern pumpkin patch…way in the back yard.

below, the cornish cross meat birds, free ranging happily with our laying hens.

below, cucumbers climbing the rafters in the solarium…


below, the kitchen garden..

the apple tree, looks like a good year for apples!

the kale patch, below…

below, our first time growing okra!

the onion patch..

sweet potatoes in the greenhouse, our first time growing them!

the zucchini apparently likes the greenhouse, they are getting huge!

the beans climbing onto the deck…

the view from the cabbage patch..

below, the lovely color of the hopi red dye amaranth..

solomons deck garden is coming along, below.

more garden, the view from the deck…

the cabbage, getting big!

below, our first jack o lantern pumpkin!

Happy gardening! Love, Lisa


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