Swimming in rhubarb…

Our ancient rhubarb patch just never fails to produce endless rhubarb…i harvested over 30 lbs in one day, oh my.  And its still going…..

so how to put up this much rhubarb?  After much experimenting, roasting and canning is my favorite option….I chop, toss with sugar, then roast in the oven, spread on pans, at 375 for about a half an hour to 40 minutes (depending on how syrupy you want it). Then I strain out most of the syrup to be canned as rhubarb syrup, for flavoring and sweetening our seltzer, and can the sweetened rhubarb solids as a preserve.

The preserve can be used as a base for rhubarb pie filling, or turned into a sweet/sour sauce for pork, used over oatmeal or ice cream….so many uses!

(this can be water bath canned, but since my pressure canners are a fixture in the kitchen right now, i just pressure canned both preserve and syrup for 30 minutes..)

Also, i dehydrated some, that had been chopped and sprinkled with sugar….to add to muffins in the winter, and to use as you might use raisins in baking, but with a bit more tart, similar to dried cranberry!

Also, rhubarb pie for dinner is acceptable …right?!  After spending a day chopping, roasting, and generally overheating over the extreme heat in my kitchen..canning on a hot july day….With a little bit of sliced cheddar, I think it made for a lovely simple dinner!

Some of my favorite Rhubarb canning ideas and websites:

Food in jars, one of my favorites, and fantastic canning recipes! This one has the recipe for roasted rhubarb:


The pioneer woman perfect pie crust recipe (i just swapped the apples for the roasted rhubarb)


And if anybody local wants or needs some Rhubarb, come on over!


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