Mid July update, 7 weeks after planting!


Things are in full swing around here, the garden seems to have really taken root this past couple of weeks!

We are harvesting peas, zucchini, greens, and the first of the green beans. We just finished planting the last of the potatoes (I bought a wee bit too many seed potatoes, so we scrambled to find places to tuck a few extra potato beds…)   We picked the first of our gooseberries, and the rhubarb patch is going strong..(too strong, if you ask me)   With planting done…..well, I always say that, but then go tuck in some beet seeds, and green beans here and there as other plants are done..

..with planting mostly done, we will be focused on harvesting and feeding the plants with compost as the season goes on, and getting ready to harvest the meat chickens.  Marc cleared a new yard for the chickens, and expanded their pasture area…more pictures on that to come!

july is coming along…next up, what to do with all that rhubarb!


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