The first day of summer -2017- (5 weeks after planting)


The first day of summer, the garden is finally starting to pop!  Except for the 3 sisters mounds (of corn, beans and winter squash..)…which is taking longer to catch up, possibly because of weeks of rain…anyhoo, some pictures!

below, boc choi..

below, the summer garden..broccoli and cauliflower finally perking up…with a smattering of eggplant and onions in the mix..

The hopi red dye amaranth, with its beautiful color….

the first currant berries starting to ripen…

one of the three sisters mounds…after topdressing it with some nutritious compost yesterday, I’m hoping they take off soon.  After all, there are almost 100 of these mounds….keeping my fingers crossed!

our experimental greenhouse year….giving the soil a break from tomatoes, and planted instead summer squash, and sweet potatoes!  they seem to love the greenhouse heat…

the first round of meat chickens….finding some shade in the covered part of the greenhouse…

below, the kitchen garden..

the view from the deck!

the solarium…trying some cucumbers in hanging pots, above beds of greens.. and carrots, and soon….beets.

filling in the winter squash we lost with these cute lil seedlings…

the really awesome trough pool…

below, one of our container tomatoes….next to our lil 4 year old green thumb.  (he’s in charge of watering the deck plants…)

the view from the backyard..

who needs a tv, when you have a trough pool, and a fire pit?

and below, our recently replanted peach tree, named ‘james and the giant peach’. Who seems to be adjusting to the new location nicely…


Happy first day of summer!

  • Lisa

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Thank you… love it!

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