starting seeds…

two things arrived in the mail today, our fedco seed order…and our new community acupuncture practice sign.  so exciting!

its exciting to think about the little seedlings that we will start inside, with bazillions of feet of snow on the ground (ok, im exaggerating a little…but seriously. a blizzard in march)  anyhoo, both these exciting packages are about beginnings, about potential, and about health.

this year, on the farm we will be focusing on the things that did well last year…chickens, the multitudes of greens, squash, pumpkins, green beans,cucumbers, herbs, beets, peas and carrots.

and although every year i swear off tomatoes, because they drive me insane. every year I emerge in spring with a renewed energy to tackle the elusive perfect tomato to grow in vermont with our short growing season. and so i try again, this time I will be trying to grow tomatoes on straw bales in the greenhouse…sharing their living quarters with the meat chickens. who, admittedly like to eat anything in their path…so tomatoes and chickens will need clear boundaries (and fencing)

this year i am trying to grow a stand of willow, so in my winter basketmaking frenzy i will hopefully be able to use my own source of material, endlessly renewable, well suited to our environment…and also makes a nice hedge and windbreak for the garden.

our new, on farm community acupuncture clinic is open!  Marc still has his Manchester practice, which he recently transitioned to a community style clinic as well!

Our sign will be going up soon, right on route 7…which in my mind is another way of planting seeds.  introducing the idea of acupuncture in our communities, planting ideas. letting people know we are here for them.

planting seeds in the snow.

Love to you all,



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