The tomatoes

We go through a lot of tomatoes here, I’d say at least a few quarts a week, between marinara, pizza sauce, tomato soup…etc. so putting up tomatoes for the year is an EVENT here in these parts. Some evidence…

Introducing complete tomato canning mayhem, a week long pressure canning marathon…..I’m so happy with the results….but so done with tomatoes.
And so of course our sad tomatoes in the greenhouse decided to revive and overflow with tomatoes, as soon as I was done with the canning marathon….what to do with these? More soup, more sauce? Hide them in the neighbors cars?

My favorite ways to put up tomatoes this year…

1) roasting, then removing skins, draining juice and canning….I use this method (but I pressure can for 35 minutes)
2) marinara

3) ketchup

4) tomato soup

5) tomato purée

6) dry beans cooked in tomato juice and beef buil lion (I call it chile stock). I soak dry beans in water overnight, then fill canning jars 1/2 way with the soaked beans, fill jar to an inch from the rim with tomato juice, or tomato purée, plus 1 teaspoon beef billion paste, and 1 bay leaf. Pressure can for 90 minutes.


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