The things I didn’t plant…

(Or at least, didn’t plan to…)

Pausing for a bit to take pictures of the beautiful things growing in the garden, that I didn’t plant….reminds me of last year, envisioning a field of sunflowers, I turned some soil and planted a TON of sunflower. Around 5 lbs of sunflower seeds, and not a one came up! I think thanks to the combined efforts of our local rabbits and chipmunks. This year, sunflowers everywhere, and I didn’t plant em. So funny how this garden evolves, and does what it wants to, despite my efforts. Random cucumber vine in the spinach, a zucchini in the middle of the cabbage bed. The gourds, that I only planted a few of, taking over a corner of the potato bed.  The last minute planting of scarlet runner beans, next to the rabbit cage…just because I couldn’t find another place (now why I didn’t think of that before is beyond me, a natural canopy of shade for our furry friends) it all works out, the garden grows as it wants to.

Yesterday we harvested nearly 70 pounds of vegetables, our kitchen is full…refrigerators packed, and my mind swimming with the various ways to put them up for winter. But first, a big thank you to the garden that sustains us, and often surprises us, with abundance and a sense of humor.

It was a great summer. I saw the first tinged leaves, reminding me that the shift of seasons is coming. We are ready.


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