August garden and kitchen update….

Busy days here, in the garden and kitchen. So much to harvest, process (and eat), and also some disappointments. The kitchen garden is fantastic, and never ending, seemingly, in supplying us with greens and herbs….recently reseeded with spinach where the lettuce was done.

The main garden, both vegetables and weeds are doing fine…šŸ˜€.they are neck and neck, but I think the vegetables are winning! (10 lbs of green beans picked in a day! Oh, my) the pumpkin and squash and guord look lovely, trailing all over, the pumpkins are getting big!

The back field is doing well, if I can get to the ripe tomatoes before the furry woodland creatures…all will be well, and the onions…well furry woodland creatures apparently don’t like onions, so let’s say we will be planting many an onion next year!

The greenhouse, sigh. The tomatoes seem to have blight, so it’s anyone’s guess if we will get ripe ones. So disappointing, So much work, and many lessons learned. We’ll be giving the greenhouse a break from planting night shades next year…culinary herbs, perhaps?

The solarium greens are fine, but my ginger experiment didn’t work out……so rethinking the solarium. Perhaps peppermint next year? Something that likes this climate, and needs the containment, and that we can’t get enough of….failures teach us lessons, and this gardening/growing stuff, new lessons every season…

The kitchen is a flurry with chicken stock canning, lard canning, blueberry jam canning…’s project of pesto making, and turning the abundant zucchini into mama ghanoush, for the freezer, freezing green beans….making mozzerella….lets just say, the kitchen is a wee bit of a mess, but we will have lots of lovely homegrown meals this winter! Ā (Besides, all those foodie blogs that show the jam making-cheesemaking-bread baking in an impeccable kitchen, with no flour or jam evidence anywhere, ladies dressed nicely sipping wine whilst stretching cheese…..well, the’re lying…šŸ˜€)

Also, knowing the cow that gives your milk is incredibly fun!

The freedom ranger chickens are pasturing and doing well…

Turkeys are getting big…

When I’m done cleaning the kitchen , I’ll post some of our favorite canning and freezing recipes!


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  1. Loraine says:

    beautiful, great job!

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