July 22 garden update!

Some garden update, in pictures…the kitchen garden is amazingly green and lush, providing us with daily salad and greens, and beginning to provide green beans, cucumbers, peas, and the first few cherry tomatoes, and herbs for our salad dressing, general cooking, and pesto…

The main garden is doing great, with the first of the zucchini coming in, some carrots and beets, and green beans. The peas are almost done. The pumpkin are vining all over, along with the butternut squash. We planted more (lots more) carrot and  beet seeds…the potato are coming along, tomato and eggplant are getting big!

The greenhouse is  a forest of tomato and cucumber!

And then our food projects this week…pestos, dried pastas, pizza, roasted chicken and salad from the garden…some granola…etc..

And the wild children of the woods…

The view!


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