What to do with all those greens…

What to do with all those greens, or, more aptly titled, how to sneak greens into my children’s food…

We are swimming in kale, chard, spinach….here is one way I like to preserve it!

1 giant bowl of greens, cooked down into 2 cups greens, plus 8 cups flour, 8 eggs, 1 tsp salt…

The best meal ever, with our salad greens and some curried vegetables and chicken, and nasturtiums…

The recipe:
2 cups cooked greensn
8 eggs (blend with greens in vitamix or blender until puréed)
8 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp salt

Mix well and let rest 30 minutes before rolling.
I use the pasta roller attachment on our mixer, but you can hand roll them too
I hang noodles until ready for cooking, then boil for 4-5 minutes.

P.s. Roasted beets can be substituted for greens, for lovely red, very nutritious noodles.


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