July garden update

The garden is really popping, feeding us daily now, with enough to share. The greenhouse is insanity, with tomatoes about 7 feet tall now…green tomatoes everywhere, and the first of the cucumbers are here!

The main garden is doing really well, carrots, beets, green beans growing steadily. The cabbage is still getting its footing, but after being attacked by the dang groundhogs..I don’t blame them. We ate our first zucchini yesterday (yay!)…I’m sure we’ll be tired of zucchini by August, but for now…much excitement.  The pumpkin vines are starting to trail about, and I’m strangely excited about growing gourds this year…not edible, but fun (plus we can make some cool bird houses with them over the winter, or ladles, who knows..) the potatoes are still being attacked by potato bugs, which Marc picks off daily…persistent little suckers.

The back fields are really growing now, and the big bed of onions is doing fabulous.  

The solarium is finally really growing..and in hanging baskets I started new lettuces, green beans, and other greens for transplanting later.

And the kitchen garden is my absolute favorite. Providing me with breakfast and lunch every day (green smoothie for breakfast, big ole salad for lunch). It shows no signs of slowing down, and we will have peas, cucumbers and green beans here really soon….and cherry tomatoes! Fantastic..

Some willow starts for next years Basketmaking…

And some more pictures from this week..


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