Garden update, end of June…

Main garden, below..

More aptly titled, what they ate…and what they didn’t eat! We’ve had a terrible problem with little critters eating our tender young plant starts. Mostly the cabbages, green beans, dried beans, and kale….and I think the beet seeds and squash seeds I planted. 

But they most definitely didn’t like the onions, tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers…so for every bed of plants gnawed down, I plunked in some of the plants they apparently don’t like…

Take that, little stinkers…

Apparently, you have to be resilient…and somewhat flexible, to not get your heart broken trying to grow vegetables! 

So, after replanting, and rethinking, things are going really well. The greenhouse is doing really well, the new system of training up tomatoes seems fantastic so far, the tomatoes and cucumbers are flowering, and huge!

The main garden is doing well…less beets, carrots, and cabbage than I had hoped…but way more onion, tomato, and eggplant than I had planned!

The kitchen garden is providing us with daily salad and greens, and we are very close to getting cucumbers, peas and beans..

The back field, which was originally mostly cabbage, is now very happy tomato, eggplant, peppers, and onions…

And my dried bean and onion bed…..well, it’s now ALL onion. 😀

The hugel beds are coming along, but the Violet’s and nasturtiums got eaten…so next year, I think the berries will get interplanted with garlic!  

The turkeys are here, too fast for me to get a good picture..

The meat chickens are almost grown..

The solarium is still not taking off, but soon, I hope..

And the geese have finally decided to swim..

Some of the harvest..

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