Garden update -first day of summer! (June 20th)

The garden is about done being planted, just about (except for that patch where the pesky groundhogs keep raiding….cabbages..) I’ll fill that in with some replacements from the greenhouse….

The kitchen garden is really doing well, cardboard mulch is my new favorite weed block/mulch method, blocking weeds then breaking down by the end of the season…

The main garden is finally popping, seeds sprouting, transplants are doing well, perrenials are back (rhubarb and strawberries)

Greenhouse plants are growing fast, the tomatoes and cucumbers!

The back field, the newest planting area…I went with rows of weed block fabric in this area, as we didn’t have time to accumulate leaves and wood chip mulch like we normally do… This is mostly tomato, eggplant, pepper, and cabbage (minus the cabbage) 
I used to think groundhogs were cute, I no longer  do…

The hugel beds are coming along, with the berry bushes getting established…interplanted with herbs

The black bean and onion bed is doing spectacularly….thank you cardboard and straw mulching, practically weed free, and growing well…

The new butternut squash hill is transplanted…

Solarium plants are recovering from being transplanted, kale and ginger (no pictures yet!)
The first of the harvest!

Meat chickens are free ranging..

The meat rabbits in their new tractors …

The angoras chomping on some garden weeds…..

Happy first day of summer!

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