Planting in progress!

Greenhouse is all planted! 😀

Mostly tomatoes, and cucumbers…with some early beets, carrots , and radishes between rows…and early starts for transplanting out later (such as chard, cabbage, kale…etc)

Little radishes coming up, below..

Main garden planting in progress, seeded with peas weeks ago, and a few beds of carrots, radishes, and beets seeded…

Kitchen garden is almost ready for planting, twine fence is one…soil loosened and ready for newspaper and straw mulching..

The rabbits LOVE when it’s weeding time, I think dandelions are their favorite..

And a few of my favorite tools…the broadfork being the most awesome thing invented since sliced bread, using your body weight to loosen and aerate soil without tilling, my favorite garden tool…expensive, but worth it. 

More planting updates to come!


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  1. Manchesteracupuncture says:

    Good Job Yo!


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