End of April, garden prep, greenhouse planting!

And projects! We are a few weeks away from planting outside, but greenhouse planting is in full swing! This year, I am trying rows of some early beets and carrots between the rows of tomatoes…to be pulled before the tomatoes get big. Also, many other seedlings are being started in there, to be transplanted out after our last frost date. The kitchen garden is almost done….just about ready for planting of our cool weather tolerant greens, salad, herbs, and spinach…with basil, cherry tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers to follow..

A new addition of a baby gander has been entertaining us all, to be introduced to our female goose, gilfeather…when he is fully grown.

The magic garden (side garden, which is where the fairy houses are planned…thus, magic 😀) is almost ready and cleared, with the 2 hugel beds planted in berries…the third one is almost ready (medicinal herbs and tomatoes this year, blueberries next year…hopefully!)

And the ginger experiment is going well, with the roots soaked and started in trays in late winter…to be planted in the greenhouse with the tomatoes when the soil gets warm. Mainly, just to see if it is plausible to do a bigger crop next year, (if the ginger does well…perhaps we will grow turmeric as well next year!)

We are thankful for neighbors with roto tillers, and neighbors with composted sheep poop, as we just about doubled our growing space this year….spring has sprung, just 4 weeks until the last frost date!

(New garden space below, the chickens love the new compost!)

(Below, the transformation of our kitchen garden, from sod, to tilled, layered with composted manure, then mulched paths..weed block mulching next, then planting!)

Below, my nicely organized and alphabetized seed bin…after baby found it….😀


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