The perennial projects…

We are digging into our perennial garden projects, whenever we get a respite from the bout of wintry weather we are having.

The first: the berry beds! I’ve been working on building some raised beds out of cut tree logs (think rustic), where we will plant about 9 blueberry bushes, 2 beds (or 3 😀) of rasberry canes, one bed of other berries (currant, goji, and gooseberry). I’m also hoping to have room for some tepees of climbing beans for drying, and a small swingset for the kiddos, and sandbox.  It will be a few years before we get blueberries, but we may get raspberries this year! We also planted a nice bed of strawberries last year, here’s to hoping they produce this year!

Below, a work in progress…the perennial gardens tucked in between the woodshed, old coop, and greenhouse. Sheet mulching with cardboard and hay to block weeds from a new garden area, and clearing space for a new greenhouse! Phew.

The berry beds, not filled yet! As I said, a work in progress..

Below, the rasberry canes be transplanted into beds. 
Next up: more rhubarb! I dug up some hostas next to the solarium, so that I could transplant some lovely rhubarb that was gifted to me. The non edibles are getting evicted to make room for the edibles!

Below, the rhubarb…and new rhubarb beds.. 
Then: I’m relocating some ferns next to the barn in order to make a permanent bed of horseradish, which will hopefully spread and thrive, so we can make some spicy sauces and dips every year!

Below, horseradish and new horseradish to the barn and chick brooder. 
 And then: I’m working on weedblocking and mulching out the weeds in a nice contained area behind the solarium for a permanent peppermint patch, peppermint spreads once established, so this seems like a perfect spot for it!

(No pictures of peppermint bed yet, it’s just a sheet of cardboard at this point!)

Also: the sunchoke/Jerusalem artichoke patch. These lovely potato like tubers will come back every year, enabling us to harvest food year after year. The look like sunflowers, but grow super nutritious tubers underground, which can be both good for us humans, but for rabbits and other livestock as well.  We planted this year a nice giant patch in a nice little field next to the pond, and will replant some between the pool and garden.

Below, the sunchoke tubers.. 
And to the right of the giant willow tree, our future sunchoke patch.. 
(Lastly: though I’m not sure where yet, I’d like to plant a bed of asparagus, and perhaps a couple of elderberry bushes….but we shall see if we get to it this season)

And just so you know it’s really spring here, baby rabbits..

 And our chicken, scarlet o’feathers …very seriously sitting on a nest of eggs, due to hatch in a few days..

Happy spring!



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