The hungry gap

The ‘hungry gap’, a term I came across while reading up on homesteading and living off the land…refers to the time when you run out of ‘the good stuff’, the storage vegetables are gone (carrots, beets, most of the frozen broccoli etc).  The stored apples are gone, even the dried apples…the pickles are nearing the end of their crispness. It is during this time that we have to get creative with  how we use our home canned foods, using more of the milk, eggs and meat, and potatoes that we have in abundance, and our grains…and generally, trying to avoid going to the grocery store in the icy February weather.

I am finding myself poring over the seed collection, and seed catalogs, deciding what to try, what to grow more of (carrots and beets definitely!) 

A day of eating home grown/stored food goes something like this: breakfast = Marc’s home made sourdough bread with fried eggs and a side of lactofermented carrots (I didn’t take a picture)

Lunch = brown rice with potatoes, butternut squash and carrots, a side of home canned applesauce..

And for me, for breakfast and lunch…I deviate from the rest of the family and have a whole foods smoothie..for today it was puréed pumpkin (our own, frozen) with some applesauce, homemade yogurt, 2 carrots, some turmeric and cinnamon..

(And an apple, store bought dang it, we’re out of fresh…)

And then dinner…one of our home raised chickens, roasted, with our own (frozen) green beans, sautéed, brown rice, and gravy..

And then dessert..what to do with the juice and syrup from our home canned fruit? 

I strain the juice/syrup from about 4 jars (about 4 cups total) simmer it with 4 tbl of grass fed gelatin powder….let it set in our nicest glasses…..strain the cream from a half gallon jar of local milk and whip it into whipped cream to top our ‘jello’ 

And voila, a hungry gap dessert! (Topped with a cookie of course)


Almost all the food, besides the grain and spices..were either grown in our backyard, or from within driving distance (thank you Hudson valley for being warm enough and close enough for us to get our cherries and peaches..) it feels good to know that even in February, in the hungry gap….we can eat well and locally. 

In other news…


Chicks are hatching! 

The dormant garden,  in February..

 The chickens, busy building soil fertility for an early spring planting..

Our little entrepreneur, getting ready to deliver eggs to friends and neighbors.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. marc says:

    great job lisa! you truly are THE BEST!

  2. Cindy says:

    Love reading these!!!

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