The first frost…and pickles and ferments!

We woke to our first really cold morning, frost on all the greens, leaves falling…..and a bit of slush on the ground from the hail yesterday. (Hail?!?). We’ve been in a flurry (as usual) of trying to harvest everything, ferment whatever is ferment able, pickle everything pickle able, and what to do with all the greens?  I’ve been dehydrating them, and freezing them, but alas…we are about out of freezer space. I decided to can a bunch of greens with dried beans, for a nice winter soup base.  I made a bit of pear/cranberry jam, and next up is canning pumpkin jam, and various forms of apples (applesauce, caramel apple jam, Apple rings in cider, and apple pie filling perhaps?)

We’ve also been busy with our new weekly dairy projects, skimming the cream from our fresh, raw milk to turn into butter, and making weekly yogurt! Fun! 
Below, Marc is using the kraut board….a giant mandoline for cabbages …..slicing them right into the fermenting crock…


Various dehydrated veggies….


Canning tomato soup..

Fall in vermont!

 Marc’s famous sourdough bread..

The turkeys are getting big! And bold…


Canning pears in syrup..
  Pickled beets!

Various stages of butter making..


And some random harvest time pictures!    


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ross Birns says:

    As usual, the variety of foods you can, dehydrate, pickle or ferment is impressive. And then there’s the other thing that goes through my mind…”Do they ever sleep?”

  2. Marilyn Maloney says:

    I’m in aw… truly amazing. I really think they should make a TV show about your life! I’m fascinated by what you and your family are doing. God bless 🙂

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