Canning time…

The vegetables are abundant, so most nights we have at least 1 or 2 canning pots going, maybe the dehydrator as well, bunches of grated zucchini to freeze…and my various canning and recipe books spread all over the counter. Right now the bulk of the putting up is tomatoes and peppers and zucchini, with some green beans and eggplant to manage as well…these will be the bases of our meals in the winter, along with the chicken in the freezer, and lots of chicken stock for soup….much, much, soup, perfect for our long vermont winter..
Which I am not exactly ready for..
Some pictures…






P.s. If your kitchen is neat and tidy and sparkling clean while in the midst of canning season…you know, like you will see on various blogs and canning books, then you are doing it wrong 😜 …
Canning is messy, but so very worth it…home canned tomatoes in the middle of the winter is just like sunshine…


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