Putting up the harvest! (And eating it…)

so much food, which is lovely…more vegetables harvested every day than we could eat, which means coming up with creative ways to preserve, freeze, and pickle it…basil gets frozen into pesto and dehydrated, , cucumbers into pickles and smoothies, zucchini is grated and frozen, and baked into zucchini bread, and sometimes pickled…rhubarb chopped and frozen, (and pickled as an experiment…Blegh, I won’t do THAT again..) Broccoli is mostly eaten, and canned as broccoli soup, celery is used in soups, the celery greens dehydrated for bouillon powder (another experiment), green beans are frozen, and pickled, tomatoes roasted and canned…I could go on and on.

These days are busy, but knowing that we will have our own stock of wonderful, grown in the backyard organic nutritious vegetables makes it worth the work, and worth sweating in  front of a pressure canner in August! šŸ˜€  This truly is the best, and biggest, and most productive garden we have ever grown….we are learning as we go! Some pictures…


Above, my favorite indoor gardening spaces, the greenhouse, and solarium…

Below, our biggest harvest day, almost 50 lbs…and the young rabbits on pasture, getting big and raised completely naturally on weeds and greens, veggie ends, and organic corn…



Tons of basil.

Swimming in squash!


Above, the broccoli, and zucchini muffins (many, many zucchini muffins…)


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