August – garden update!

The garden is doing great, the greenhouse is a jungle of food, and we are eating vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Marc is busy pickling, and I am busy canning! We planted a second planting of green beans, kale, and beets….and have been harvesting an abundance of cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, greens, basil, and zucchini….and the first of the broccoli….

Some pictures!
imageimage  Green beans and one of the beet beds.
image  Some of the greens and sunflowers..
image   In full bloom!
image   Cabbage!
image   First of the potatoes!

image  What happens when one whines ‘iiiim booorred’…he gets a project, I     get a painted coop…win win.
image   Experimental rhubarb pickles 
image   Freezing zucchini cutlets for winter…
image   Marc’s pickle bucket!
image    Beautiful tomatoes!
image   Today’s harvest!
image   The rabbits, eating veggie scraps and ends….


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