Garden update, end of June..

so, new this week are…..

The turkey babies ((technically called poults))…

A new breed for us, the Narragansett , a heritage breed, 14 of them! I’m hoping to keep a breeding pair….but we shall see!

More rabbit babies…next to their 4 week old siblings…

Now, this was a complete surprise to me, as I was completely befuddled as to how she had another litter without a male in there ?!?!?  But apparently, rabbits amazingly can carry more than one litter at a time….or are magic, I’m not sure which……or the wild rabbits have been sneaking in the coop.



The new garden, with a few more beds to go of late plantings. Mostly celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, eggplant, brussel sprouts, with a few tomatoes, eggplant, basil, and green beans tucked in. And some watermelon along the fence..still need to get in more beets, and the rest of the kale and chard.


So lovely and weed free at the moment…

My little calendula patch at the edge of the pickle garden..


The pickle and herb garden, coming along…

Kale and chard..

The ‘wild’ patch at the side of the vegetable garden, mostly sunflowers, Jerusalem artichoke, tulsi, calendula, and various ‘weeds’ like yellow dock, which I left in, for tincturing in the fall…


First of the harvest, peas, greenhouse cucumbers, and arugula….

I pulled the lettuce and arugula from the solarium to make room for more kale & chard, and collard greens……so it is now filled with dark leafy greens for fall…

The greenhouse is still going crazy! I anticipate many cucumbers in the coming weeks…

And a few of the hanging strawberries are ripening…

So hard to even think of winter right now, but it is wood stacking time! Planning ahead…





Summer fun at the lake (aka a day off from weeding and watering 😊 )


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