Garden update…aka, arrange and rearrange and rearrange…

sooooooo, the garden is almost planted. I say almost because after planting the whole (darn) thing, the plants started yellowing, and practically keeling over. The whole 40 by 40 ish garden, of seeds started in March, lovingly started and tended…except for the celery..

So after much cussing and hand wrenching, we decided to move the whole shebang. Into the chicken yard. And move the chickens of course. Thankfully, chickens are seriously great at prepping garden beds. Our new garden is pretty much weed free, has been pooped on a whole bunch 😊, is already fenced, and all we have to do is loosen soil (broadfork), spread compost, and plant. The downside is, the chickens are creatures of habit….don’t take well to change, and are having a hard time understanding that, although moved a bit, their house is still their house….anyhoo, we decided that in our large older garden it would be easier to make big compost piles, and plant summer and winter squash right in them and see how it goes.

Many bucket loads later, and we have 52 squash planted, and 16 cabbages, a new chicken yard, another garden to plant (wait, I thought we were almost done!) all is well. At least the greenhouse is done! 

I have a Pete Seeger song stuck in my head, ‘arrange and rearrange and rearrange’ (YouTube it, it’s good)

Cause that’s what this adventure is about, learning as we go.  Some pictures of our rearranging:


Where the new garden will be, nice big pile of compost dumped! In the process of rerouting chickens…

 Old garden, compost heaps in, ready to be planted with squash …done now, thank goodness..


The greenhouse. Everything is exploding! And looking fantastic. Planted with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, basil, parsley, and cilantro, with hanging strawberries……

  The chickens. Looking confused. ‘why is there a big pile of cow poo in OUR yard!’
 The meat chickens, out on pasture now.

  A little patch of corn! We shall see…
  The fence line of green beans are doing well!
  Garlic coming up!!!!
  The sandbox/ dried beans patch..
 The cucumber and herb garden (aka pickle garden) coming along! With a smattering of tomatoes, and nasturtium, I couldn’t help myself. Tomatoes everywhere.

  Finally planted out the beet bed, about 150 beets, next to the solarium..
What will be the sandbox, with kale and chard planted alongside..


More greenhouse.

Love the greenhouse.

  The solarium coming along nicely, all greens…
  One of our first litter of rabbits! So. Darn. Cute.
  Almost the whole growing space in one picture….
  And for next year, turn this nicely fenced side of the greenhouse yard into another garden…..with the rabbit house in back….good times. Arrange and rearrange and rearrange.


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  1. Pops says:

    Fantastic!!! Pops

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