Otra vez

meaning, in Spanish…again, or another time. In Santa Fe, there was a newspaper section called ‘Otra vez’ trash to treasure….I just loved it, the giveaway section. 

Giving new life to something, using again, recycling, one of my favorite pastimes. Finding a use for something that would have otherwise been thrown in a dumpster…some Otra vez  from my week…

The weeds from my garden become the bunny food, then they poop fertilizer for our garden, which provide us food…

The jars…..a lady in town is done with, which will house our various preserves….so very excited to find these old swing top canning jars!


The leftovers and food scraps from the local elementary cafeteria, feeding our chickens, and then ourselves when we eat the eggs…

  The eggshells, which we will crumble around our tomato plants to give them calcium and minerals….

  The old cardboard boxes to weed block my new raised beds…


The old mobile we found in the thrift store…$3, and endless baby joy….


 The giant pile of compost, and the compost bucket filled tomato waterers (experiment ?!). Cow poo gets a new life fertilizing our gardens…. 

  Weeding, to feed the rabbits…the prolific dandelion becomes a treat for our furry friends, weeds become food. 
Otra vez….


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