Spring planting, 2015….!!!

going straight from winter, to (what feels like) full on summer, we are beginning our long awaited planting! And our first year with a greenhouse, which we are doing our best to learn all about….(by the way, greenhouse doors, unless propped properly…have a way of shutting in the wind, turning greenhouse into a solar oven, and cooking flats of lovingly seeded starts, ahem. Lesson learned. Now we have a fan too..)

Some pictures, and this is a work in progress folks…messes abound, but hopefully, bountiful vegetables come harvest time, and our season extended with the greenhouse and solarium…

 The greenhouse, tilled, soil dumped, and planted. Tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers!

The solarium, connects the house to the woodshed….soil in and planted with greens, herbs, and hanging strawberries, with a hammock for newborn napping..



The main garden, almost done planting…peas already coming up, with a big area for potatoes and squash, with beds for broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, kale, chard, pepper, broccoli rabe, herbs, beets, carrots…and a few other Vegs. I can’t remember at the moment…

A few raised beds for dried beans doubles as a canopy for the sand table..


The new meat birds, Cornish cross…






The pool yard/ herb garden/flower garden/ cucumber garden, almost done! Tilled, sheet mulched with cardboard, and almost done planting, now for the rest of the fencing, and gate.

   Big area seeded with sunflower, above..

And below, a corner for calendula and other flowers…


  The old chicken coop turned rabbit house…they look comfy!

The new fenced chicken yard…and the rhubarb patch.

The garlic coming up, and fence line of green beans…


House and barn, work in progress!

The asparagus along the fence…can’t see it?! I swear it’s there, tiny spears coming up….

The cherry trees made it!

Marc’s new lil farm trailer….

The house, barn, greenhouse, chicks, and garden, all in one fell swoop…


Tons of veggie starts.

And the eggs, happy spring!!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Suzanne French Crosby says:

    What a lot of work. .but everything looks fantastic. I think I can even smell the wonderful soil.
    I am no longer using my vermiculture worm bin
    I would love to give it to you. I bet there is someone around who would give you a handful of the Italian Worms. They are so productive.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful site.

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