Local milk!

go here…


The rutland vermont farmers market, where we go on our weekly trip to get our milk (and veggies and apples..)

These friendly people here take our empty  half gallon jars, and we get between 6 – 8 half gallons of fresh, raw, local, grass fed milk every week, for our family of 6…..



This milk has such a high amount of cream…..as shown by the line on the jar, cream on top…



So why go through the effort to get milk locally, instead of the store? 

So very many reasons…it’s better for one!  much better tasting, and fresher than the store, much, much higher quality. This local farm feeds only grass…….they are not pumped up with a diet of corn, soy, or whatever unnatural diet is being fed to dairy these days. And you can absolutely tell just by tasting it.  

 Also, local milk (local food in general) has less of a carbon footprint…going from farm to farmers market to us, with recycled jars…(as opposed to large factory farm far away, processing plant, truck, store, us…..extra gas, extra packaging, waste, not as fresh, animals being fed un natural diets…)

And it’s raw, unprocessed, in its natural form..unpasteurized, not homogenized,  wonderful cream on top, that can be made into butter, whipped cream, yogurt or my personal favorite, ladled into my coffee in the morning, with a spoonful of local honey! Heaven.

It supports a local family, doing the important work of growing and raising our foods.

And they have happy, healthy, grass fed cows.

(Some pictures of their farm from the day we went to pick up a beef share…)

Larson farm in wells, vermont





Above, are the cows…after being let out of the barn, meandering to the field. Going wherever cows go when they go for a stroll. Happy healthy cows, in fresh air, sunshine, and eating grass as nature intended = healthy, natural food.





This is their beautiful farm, on a lovely vermont fall day!



And above, our daughter…making friends with one of their bebes….

So what to do with all that milk? (For us, around 3 gallons a week) 

It goes into morning coffe, oatmeal, our baked goods, we make yogurt, the children’s nightly warm milk, and occasionally, whipped cream…


Waiting patiently for the cream to whip for our easter cake topping… 

And every night (I mean every night…..if I forget they will remind me..) I make them their nighttime warm milk, and then we cuddle up on the couch together before bed.

My general recipe:

2 1/2 cups (ish) grass fed milk

2 tbl grass fed gelatin (Great Lakes is a good brand)

1 heaping spoonful of local honey

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tbl butter

I put this in a small pot on medium, whisking to incorporate the gelatin..until hot.  Pour into mugs, and cuddle. Go find your local milk and enjoy!



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  1. Rich Larson says:

    Lisa, thanks for the beautiful narrative. We love our cows and the relationship between the soil, sun, rain, grasses and cows. We strive to protect the amazing symbiosis that turns the sunlight into health-giving food for us. Together, your family and ours, are creating a new vibrant and life-giving community.
    Rich, for the Larson farmily

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