Almost spring! (Almost)

well….technically, it is spring…but still a little too winter-ey for my liking….

Here’s some proof…



The fodder experiment worked really really well, lowering our feed costs……I believe the live, sprouted grass is really healthy for the animals, with the extra bonus that 2 lbs of seed magically transforms into 8 lbs of live feed with the addition of water and minimal attention daily… my kiddos do need more chores anyway, it’ll help them develop character..😊

Plus, they do seem to love it….



Seeds are a starting ….taking over the laundry room….



And the view from the laundry room….the barn, woodshed, and awesome new greenhouse/solarium connecting the house to the woodshed……can’t wait to get dirt in there…

It’s so hard to pretend it’s spring with all the dang snow on the ground….anyhoo…


The newest additions…our new laying hen chicks, I call them baby t.v.



The new (repurposed) bunk bed turned rabbit condo, with kiddo fort on top! Fun…


And the chickens REALLY love living in the greenhouse for the winter…I don’t have the heart to tell them they won’t have such, um, warm accomodations next winter, as we plan to have veggies in the greenhouse next winter…

But the eggs!!


The solarium, entrance from our den door.  We are really looking forward to having greens and salads right from our door in the next winters months. A work in progress, and hopefully all that rabbit poo from the rabbit condo can keep it and the garden and greenhouse nice and fertilized….and the rabbits can eat our veggie scraps, win win….


The projects are coming along, now just waiting for some warm weather!!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    Wow, Lisa, great pictures, especially like the rabbit condo. I knew bunk beds were good for something. Mom

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