Making laundry soap!

I can tell it’s really winter when the projects shift from the outside/garden/harvest, to the indoor projects…soap making, knitting, crafting. I had wanted to try making our own laundry soap for awhile, sifting through many many recipes I found online….my thought was to have a more affordable alternative to the store stuff, with less or no scent (for our little with very sensitive skin), have no preservatives and, also have less packaging to recycle or throw out! The recipe I settled on was:

4 lbs baking soda (approx $2.25)
4 lbs borax. ($4.00 ish)
4 lbs washing soda. ($3.25)
2 bars zote soap. (.97 cents each, so $2.00)

$11.50 (ish) for what comes to 16 pounds of soap powder, at 2 tbl per load…means approximately 150 loads of wash, for 10 cents a wash….
(Math is not my strong suit, hopefully I got the numbers right!)

Anyhoo, cheaper, simple, no extra chemicals…you can add in your own essential oils if you like scent! So far, so good!


The ingredients above…

Then grating the bars of soap (giant bars of soap!)


Mix all ingredients, store in giant bucket, and done!



Fun fun!


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