Putting up the harvest! (Canning minestrone soup..)

First, some pictures of what we have been harvesting this last week or so…
Lots and lots of vegetables..and the chickens are finally laying again, so many eggs as well…






So very exciting! And so very….much
Which brings me to one of my favorite things to pressure can…soup. The perfect winter meal, and great to have on hand when the power goes out, and on those busy days when we really want a healthy meal, but are rushed. It is a great way to use up an abundance of veggies, whatever’s in the fridge….some tomatoes from last years canning, and zucchini. Lots and lots of zucchini.. (30 cups went into this last batch, such a great way to make zucchini disappear)
And such a balanced, healthy meal! Beans and local meat for protein, lots of vitamin rich vegetables…garlic and onion…mineral rich chicken bone stock, and roasted tomatoes from our garden last year….yum…

Some pictures..




And a recipe:

Harvest minestrone soup

4 onions
8 cloves of garlic
7 cubed potatoes
4 cups green beans, cut up
2 cups chopped sweet peppers
3 cups celery, chopped
30 cups cubed zucchini (yep, 30 cups)
8 cups cooked beans (I use garbanzo)
3 quart size jars diced tomato
4 quart jars chicken stock
2 lbs ground turkey sausage, browned

A handful of a chopped mix of basil, parsley, thyme, sage and rosemary
Salt and pepper to taste

I cook it slowly, simmering, all day…then carefully funnel into clean quart jars, and pressure can at 10 lbs pressure for 90 minutes.

I cook it all day in an 18 quart giant slow cooker, it could obviously be halved to fit in a soup pot…but I like to make giant batches, eat some, and can the rest! When finished canning, and after we ate a bit….this made 15 quart jars to stash away our summers bounty for winter!


Baby says, don’t forget the parsley!


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