Chicken processing weekend…

This is the third (I think) year we have been raising our own chickens for meat, and the process is becoming more efficient and streamlined each time, though still a challenging weekend for us all….
I have to say, these were the most healthy, largest, and sweetest in disposition of all the chickens we have raised for meat ! Though they are cornish cross, a breed known for being very sedentary and huge (I call them little piggies with feathers), these ones were excellent foragers….and ranged all over the lawn. I will spare you pictures of the actual processing, and skip to pictures of the beautiful birds, which now fill our freezer…..and will feed us in the year ahead. We believe that treating the animals with respect, and letting them live as natural a life as possible, with fresh air, access to green grass, pasture, bugs, and excercise…….is the only way to do it….

No more factory farmed meat, no thank you…..

Thank you little piggies with feathers, for helping us to live a healthy life, and helping us to provide as much food as possible for ourselves from this almost 2 acres!







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