the vegetable garden, 4 weeks after planting!

Four weeks after planting, and likely just before it POPS, as weve had a lovely and much needed bout of rain here in Vermont.  Perfect for all those tiny little seedlings coming up, but not so much for these three little urchins who just want to go outside and play!  I wanted to document and photograph the garden progress, as much for fun, as for keeping track of exactly what I planted and where….(because I know eventually, I will be unable to locate the crumpled and much erased and written over graph I presently have on a post it note…)

so, the main vegetable garden:


the squash, and tomatoes….


and then we have, from bottom to top…peppers, carrots, beets, spinach, parsnip, kale, herb bed..and then the squash in the back….


and then we have, celery & eggplant, more carrots, more beets, chard, perpetual spinach, collard greens, lettuce & arugala, and winter squash in the back…..whew


from left to right, onions, cabbage, and hot peppers..

and the potatoes, potatoes, and more potatoes….


the little ones sand table, with scarlet runner beans planted in the raised beds next to it (hopefully, they will climb over my stick arbor), and right past it, the peas and bean beds…
that’s it for the main garden!


the pickle garden, coming along (cucumbers and dill!)


the heirloom tomatoes, getting established along the not quite finished being painted fence (the rain foiled my painting plans)..


nature girl in the front yard perennial garden!

(not part of the vegetable garden, but such a lovely spot!) the spring fed pond, and the giant willow….the kids favorite spot for catching frogs…


And last, but not least…the side yard garden…tomatoes, squash, peppers, bush beans, and lettuce….

Happy weekend!!!


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