Making a grazing frame, aka, the chicken salad bar!

Since our move a little over a month ago, and now having to keep our chickens more contained (we have neighbors now, yay!)…our chickens have since eaten every single living plant thing in the yard. Chickens, our chickens seem to employ this slash and burn tactic of eating, digging up, and completely shredding all plant matter in their vicinity, and then pooping on it for good measure…(and to make sure that it is dead). Anyhoo, here are some pictures of the chicken yard….(dirt), and outside the chicken yard (lush and green)..p.s.- if you see pictures of a flock of chickens on a nice green beautiful lawn, I’m pretty sure it was staged……..




So, instead of rotating the chicken to new green areas so that they can have fresh, green food in their diet in addition to their non-gmo feed, compost, and bugs (we may experiment with that next year) ….I decided to make them a grazing frame, essentially, a place where plants and grasses can grow up and through, but with the roots of the plants being protected from the chickens scratching. I also wanted it to be completely free! So, we got a GIANT pallet from an appliance store, this one from a hot tub, I believe. I covered it with leftover chicken wire and fencing we had laying around, stapled it on securely, sprinkled the seed between the slats (wheat berries, oats, peas and vetch…..what I had on hand), sprinkled dirt on top, watered, and voila! A chicken salad bar! (Once the seeds grow up, that is.)



At this stage, below…..with just the seeds spread, but before the dirt was spread….I call it ‘the chicken torture device’, they were quite disturbed….and I’m pretty sure thinking that I had completely lost my mind, placing their food where they couldn’t possibly eat it…..



Thankfully, they have very short attention spans, and once the seeds were covered in dirt….they resumed their regular day to day activities of eating, pooping, laying eggs, and trying to break out of the chicken yard…..I’ll post pictures once the greens come up, and well see if this project is a success!



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  1. Marco Pollo says:

    Huh, pretty cool.

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