The poultry inventory…

This is our 3rd year keeping chickens, for both eggs and meat….and our flock has grown from 12 red star hens to a mixed menagerie of many heritage breeds. Here are the ladies (with a few boys mixed in)

The light brahma, a good dual purpose bird (for both eggs and meat), they have feathered feet and are excellent foragers…

The speckled sussex, another dual purpose…pretty, I think, and pretty docile…

The barred rock, another pretty bird…good egg layers…

The faverolle, another pretty bird…French I think (?!) good layers….


The buff Orpington, very docile, good layers, Rowan has named her ‘scarlet o’feathers’…


The brown leghorn, excellent layers….DO NOT get this bird unless you enjoy chasing them all over the place, and entertaining your neighbors with your attempts to get them out of their yard after promising that your chickens would be ‘well contained’….complete houdinis, and if you can FIND their eggs (ours like to escape the chic yard and lay eggs in a corner of the barn..) they are great layers. I’m pretty sure it is because of this bird that my children have learned curse words…ahem.


The silkies, completely adorable, my personal favorite….but don’t expect them to do anything useful, like lay eggs or anything. Marc and I call them ‘the poodle of the chicken world’. They can’t fly, and are very docile…so great with kids. And interestingly, are a black boned and black meat bird, and are considered a delicacy, and a chinese herb….(as an herbalist, I find that pretty cool!)

This is ‘queen Elizabeth’ (a boy white holland turkey) who likes to show off his feathers all day, a heritage breed….nice docile turkey…

This is a white holland turkey hen, (from wing and a prayer farm in shaftsbury) and our sweet goose baby ‘gilfeather’, Rowan’s favorite, hatched from an egg from dutton farm stand…..

These are our duckies, from cold moon farm in Peru…nice quacking splashing egg layers (thank you yuval for them!)


This is the wild one, a turken as we call her (she was raised by our turkey hen!)

These are the quail, raised to see if they are a feasible meat bird (shhh, don’t tell them!). Plus they lay adorable tiny elf sized eggs…


20140609-151751-55071150.jpgthe meat birds, a cornish cross… 53 at my last counting, in Marc’s wonderful chicken tractor…so they can healthily range and be moved about…


More silkies, babes that we hatched in my brand new shiny incubator that Marc got me for Christmas…one gift that I am sure he will live to regret…(I have many more eggs in there, ha!)
That’s the poultry! They don’t stand still long enough for me to get a head count, but we have a bunch….which brings me to the eggs…..


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  1. Marco Pollo says:

    we want to see some pictures of you on this blog. And your husband too…bet he’s handsome eating all that good food.

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