The last of the planting…(hopefully!)

What to do with a lovely long stretch of sunny fence line? Plant more tomatoes! 24 tomato plants to be exact. The soil is turned, the weed block is laid down and pinned in, holes cut, compost mixed in, and tomatoes planted! Voila! We have officially hit the too many tomatoes mark, with almost 80 plants planted. Thanks to my sister Daniele for the extra tomato plants, which spurred this project!




And what to do with the lovely ash pit left over from all the spring brush burning? What I mean is, what to do with the perfect large circle of completely grass and weed free lawn? Make a new garden with the flat of cucumbers that the kind neighbor brought over, that I had NO idea where to plant. Hopefully, the cucumbers and dill won’t mind all the ash that’s mixed in….we call it ‘the pickle garden’


And lastly, what to do with the side yard that had a nice new pile of topsoil dumped, and full sun? Plant all the extras…the leftover tomatoes with no home, the last of the squash, bush beans….and a smattering of lettuce seeded….and oodles of hot pepper plants…..aaaah, done plantin .

(I think)



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